Title:- Agogo Eewo

Starring: Dejumo Lewis, Lere Paimo, Larinde Akinleye, Deola Faleye, Adebayo Faleti, Kayode Olaiya, Kunle Afolayan, khabirat kafidipe, and others.

The death of Lagata, the military usurper of the Jogbo throne, sets off a nervous search of a cridible Onijogbo. Hopes are high that Arese, a very young man, if elected will bring back the golden age of Jogbo. Some entrenched interests in Jogbo however, hijack the due process and install Adebosipo, a retired Police Officer whom they think will not rock their boat of greedy exploitation of Jogbo's resources...

Start by watching Saworoide.

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